amethyst and solar quartz earrings
memories of childhood earrings on romance card

'Memories of Childhood' Rainbow Solar Quartz and amethyst Sterling earrings 1 7/8" long

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Memories of Childhood' These designs embody our carefree feeling…experiencing our youth in the best possible light. As a child I adored colorful crayons, pinwheels, balloons, circus clowns and more. The brilliant colors filled me with possibilities.

This collection is created to remind us; Take time to be a child again.

These earring are created with sterling silver and feature a faceted 5mm amethyst gemstone. The back of each earring is textured to add pizazz.

Earrings are 1 7/8" long. Sterling silver ear wires

Handmade in my Arizona Studio and One of a kind.

Gift wrapped in a silver pouch with 'Memories of Childhood' romance card.