The Artist; About Alene

I am addicted to creating jewelry designs.

Rustic Yet Refined Jewelry Design captures my aesthetic perfectly.  Working with copper, sterling silver and gemstones gets my creative juices flowing.

Jewelry design meandered into my life gradually. My first designs used memory wire to create bracelets. The multiple coils were fun to experiment with… and I loved wearing the finished designs. I took classes absorbing every bit of knowledge like a sponge. Basics in wire wrap morphed into more advanced metal work.

At this point I knew I had found my passion. Working with copper and silver hooked me completely. There was no turning back now! Gems and metal are a permanent part of my existence. Design Ideas are everywhere. 

My head spins sometimes thinking of all the possibilities.

My book, Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer chronicles my journey into passion and creativity. The book is a labor of love.. and in itself another emotional journey for me. I work on my creations in my Arizona Studio.
I work on my creations in my Arizona studio.

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