rainbow solar quartz pendant with amethyst
amethyst and solar quartz shown on natural setting

'Memories of Childhood' Rainbow Solar Quartz and amethyst geode Pendant. 2" Tall

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Memories of Childhood' These designs embody our carefree feeling…experiencing our youth in the best possible light. As a child I adored colorful crayons, pinwheels, balloons, circus clowns and more. The brilliant colors filled me with possibilities.

This collection is created to remind us; Take time to be a child again.

the pendant is sterling silver throughout and features a rainbow solar quartz gem (1" wide) complemented by an amethyst geode gem.(1/2" wide)

Handmade in my Arizona Studio and One of a kind.

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pendant is 2" tall. a double link sterling silver chain is 20" long. It can be adjusted downward to fit your preference.

Gift wrapped in a deluxe gift box.