18k gold and steel cuff
moonstone cuff shown in natural setting
moonstone cuff on wrist

'Slice of Moonlight' Golden Steel cuff bracelet

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This steel cuff is created from perforated steel and then drenched in18K gold! The supersized moonstone gem adds to it's elegance. The opalescent quality of moonstone is similar to image of the moon  in the night sky.

 The black patina creates a gorgeous backdrop for the gold luminous gem.  Moonstone gem is 1" tall and 1/4" deep. Cuff is 1 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" circumference. The flexibility of the metal lets you easily shape to fit your wrist. Fits wrist size 6" t 7".

Handmade in my Arizona Studio and One of a kind.

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Gift wrapped in a deluxe gift box.

Did you know? Ancient Romans believed that moonstone was a shard of solid moonlight!