closeup of charoite pendant
charoite pendant shown in natural setting
charoite pendant showing the link chain

‘Lavender Fields’ Steel and silver Charoite Pendant 1 1/2" tall

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This open-air perforated steel pendant is fused with fine silver. Then i added a black patina to the steel. The silver droplets enhance the background. This pendant features a 12mm lavender charoite gemstone (from the mines in Russia)  This pendant reminds me of  beautiful lavender fields of flowers  

Handmade in my Arizona Studio

Pendant is  1 1/2" tall. A delicate sterling silver chain is blackened to match the pendant. 20" long and can be shortened to your liking.

Lightweight. and as always ONE OF A KIND. 

Gift wrapped in a deluxe box 

Did you know? Charoite is named after the Charo river (where it was discovered) in Russia. This gem is only found in Russia.