cloud dreams ring
cloud dreams spiral ring shown in natural setting
cloud dreams ring on finger

Cloud Dreams. Fine Silver ring with Plume agate doublet gem Size 5

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Have you ever spent a lazy afternoon gazing at the clouds on a sunny day…picking out shapes, naming them, dreaming, and having fun? This is the spirit that inspired me to create my CLOUD DREAMS collection. 

This ring is created in fine silver with my Sacred Spiral shank and a 1" high gem.  size 5.  Gift wrapped in a deluxe box.

FREE shipping in the USA. Handmade in my Arizona Studio and One of a Kind.

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 Love this ring but need a different size? This design is one of a kind but I will create a similar design for you in your size. Contact me  Alene Geed for details.

Let these designs remind you of lazy days and dreaming.