natural Nevada turquoise pendant
natural turquoise transformation butterfly pendant
transformation sterling butterfly pendant

Transformation Sterling and turquoise butterfly pendant 2" tall

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Butterflies represent transformation. it starts as a crawly caterpillar and morphs into a spectacular butterfly. A great reminder to all of us that we can transform ourselves to create a better and joyful life.

This design features natural turquoise from a Nevada mine. the Design is 2 layers of sterling silver and includes a heavy duty sterling link chain and oversized lobster clasp.

The turquoise gem is 3/4" all

Handmade in my Arizona Studio and ONE OF A KIND


packaged in a deluxe recycled box, pouch. and 'Turquoise' romance card.

Did you know?  Turquoise is considered a purification stone; thought to dispell negative energy and align the chakras when worn.