faceted malachite earrings
malachite earrings on romance card
malachite earring on earlobe

Faceted Malachite & Sterling silver earrings 1 3/4" long

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Rich deep green faceted malachite gemstones adorn these earrings. I love the inclusions in this gem. Each stone features a different pattern making them truly one of a kind that cannot be duplicated. These earrings also feature a textured backing... so you can look amazing coming AND going!

Handmade in my Arizona Studio

Sterling silver ear wire and all components. 1 3/4" long.

Gift wrapped in a silver pouch with 'Malachite' romance card.

Did You Know? Ancient Egyptians ground malachite and used it in wall painting and as eye makeup.  It was believed to ward off eye infections when worn.