Sonoran turquoise heart pendant
sonoran turquoise pendant in natural setting
turquoise pendant showing clasp and chain

'Southwest Splendor' Sonoran Turquoise Sterling Heart pendant. Dare to Dream Collection 2" tall

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This silver heart shaped pendant is created by fusing together smaller components of sterling and fine silver. The result is one-of-A-Kind that will not be duplicated. The featured gem is turquoise from Sonoran region of Mexico

Handmade in my Arizona studio and one of a kind.


2" tall and includes a heavy sterling silver neck chain. 21" long and can be downsized to fit your preference. Gift wrapped in a deluxe box with 'Dare to Dream' romance card.  

 Did you know?  Turquoise is considered a purification stone; thought to dispel negative energy and align the chakras when worn

Wear your selection as a reminder to Dream Big and Take the Leap forward!

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean” Christopher Reeve