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February birthstone artisan pendant with dichroic glass
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Orbiting Earth Amethyst and Dichroic Pendant.

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This dichroic glass gem with all it's metallic overtones puts me in mind of a stylized earth. I adore the blue 'oceans' and violet continents. This pendant is created to represent the earth with an amethyst moon orbiting the planet.. and a faceted amethyst gemstone representing the sun.

The pendant is 2 3/4" tall overall with a 1" diameter 'earth' dichroic gem.  Sterling silver throughout with a 20" neck chain that is adjustable down to your preference. Features a Sterling silver over sized lobster clasp.

As Always... Handmade in Arizona and ONE OF A KIND.

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wrapped in a deluxe gift box 

DId you Know? Dichroic glass is formed by adding a thin film of metallic oxides which transmit some light wavelengths while reflecting other wavelengths. This causes an iridescent effect on the glass