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red creek jasper with topaz gem pendant
enchanted woodland pendant shown in natural setting
jasper pendant showing sterling silver chain

'Enchanted Woodland' Red Creek Jasper and topaz pendant. 2" tall

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Deep rich hues of hunter green, brick and caramel hues adorn this Statement necklace. An vibrant yellow faceted topaz gem adds the finishing touches.

Pendant is 2 " tall x 1" wide at the top.. Limited Edition of ONE

Included is a sturdy textured sterling silver chain and sterling silver clasp. Neck chain is 20" long and can be downsized to fit your preference

handmade in my Arizona Studio


Gift wrapped in a deluxe box with 'Enchanted Woodland' romance card. 

Red Creek Jasper features hues of deep green, amber and claret. It reminds me of walking through a dense forest in the early morning hours. All my senses are alive; the scent of the wildflowers, the rustling of the leaves and the pulsing of the earth!. Is that an elf peeking out from behind a rock?  Feel immersed in the beauty of nature when you wear this gem.

" In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
                                                                                            John Muir