ametrine teardrop gem cuff
fine silver gemstone cuff in natural setting
ametrine cuff on wrist

Buried Treasure Ametrine Fine Silver Cuff Bracelet.

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This sterling silver cuff is first fold formed. Then I textured it with multiple designs before adding this super sized teardrop shaped ametrine gem.. Gem is 1 3/8" " x3/4" x 1/4" tall.

Handmade in my Arizona Studio and One of a Kind

cuff is 1 5/8" wide. Size is 6 1/2 " circumference with 1" opening. 

Fits wrist sizes from 6 " to 7". Find your wrist size using a tape measure.


packaged in a deluxe recycled box, satin pouch. and ametrine romance card.

Did you know? Ametrine is only found in Bolivia. It was discovered in the 17th century