golden honeycomb pendant and earrings
golden honeycomb pendant
gold and steel pendant on bust
18k gold on steel pendant
honeycomb earrings shown on lobe
golden honeycomb earrings on romance card

Golden Honeycomb Pendant and Earrings SET. 18k Gold and Steel.

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Combining the strength of steel with the luster and beauty of 18k gold this pendant features a honeycomb design.  I love the way the 18K gold fuses right into the steel, drenching it in glorious gold. The matching earrings feature the same design.

Handmade in my Arizona studio

2" tall pendant with 18" steel neck wire.. adjustable to 20". Earrings are 1 3/8" long.

Wear this pendant and earrings to remind you that you have an inner strength that will not be subdued. Only then will your true beauty shine through.

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Bees create and store their honey in honeycomb matrixes. The honeycomb is seen as a symbol of safety and protection for those who wear the design. As the bee is all-important in this process, the symbols of hope, hard work and rewards enhance the wearer as well.

Gift wrapped in a silver pouch with 'Golden Honeycomb' romance card

"I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Thomas Jefferson