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golden steel earrings with faceted onyx gems
onyx and gold earrings on romance card

'Golden Steel' Earrings. 18K gold and faceted onyx. 1 3/4" long.

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Combining the strength of steel with the luster and beauty of 18k gold.  I love the way the 18K gold fuses right into the steel background. Each time I fuse metals, the outcome is virtually unpredictable. That's what I love.. no two pair are ever exactly alike. This pair features a faceted onyx gemstone complemented with a Swarovski crystal.

The best part? They are SO Lightweight and fun to wear

Handmade in my Arizona studio

1 3/4" long.   Gold Filled ear Wires

packaged in a silver pouch 

Wear these earrings to remind you that you have an inner strength that will not be subdued. Only then will your true beauty shine through.