handmade amethyst geode ring in sterling silver
amethyst geode sterling ring is one of a kind
view from the side of the amethyst geode sterling ring
view on a hand of the handmade amethyst geode ring

Sterling and Amethyst Geode Ring. size 8 1/2

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This spectacular amethyst geode comes from Uruguay. The ring shank is Sterling silver. overall height of the gem and setting is 3/8". The gem is 5/8"  round 

Handmade in my Arizona studio

limited edition of one. Size 8 1/2


gift wrapped in a deluxe ring box with Amethyst romance card

Did you know? Greeks believed that drinking wine from a cup made of amethyst would make them immune to intoxication! The name is derived from the Greek word amethustos, meaning not drunk.


Love this ring but need a different size? This design is one of a kind but I will create a similar design for you in your size. Contact me  Alene Geed for details.